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Updated Spring 2014
Hope Lodge in NYC was a blessing during Marilyn's transition from Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital and home.  

At long last, on August 4, 2013 Bill was able to bring Marilyn home!!

Indeed, there's no place like home!  

During the next few months Marilyn continued to increase her strength and endurance. Doctors visits were extended to every two weeks.  Marilyn celebrated her 1 year "New" birthday in February.  Much to the doctors surprise, cord blood cells from both babies, or the "twins" as they are called, are working together and rebuilding a new immune system.  Hopefully in May, Marilyn's new immune system will be ready to receive some of the necessary newborn vaccinations! There are still restrictions of exposure, infection and a low microbial diet to deal with, but we are thrilled to experience this miracle.

Our most sincere thank you for your continued support and prayers.

The Rotary Club of Montgomery/Rocky Hill will be holding a Be the Match Donor registration again this year at the Run With Rotary on Sunday April 27, 2014. For additional information visit

Updated 5/26/13

Thank you for visiting the Match for Marilyn website. We have updated information to share:

Marilyn continues to persevere and has amazing strength and a commitment to get healthy and triumph over the challenges facing her. After all, she has so much to look forward to in the years to come.

Marilyn has continued to battle Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma over the last 15 months, enduring various chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, this is not a long-term solution. She was also unable to find a bone marrow donor match. Fortunately, Marilyn’s doctors found donated cord blood that matched what Marilyn needed.

(2/6/13) Marilyn was admitted to Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York at the end of January to begin her pre-transplant regimen. She had a double cord blood transplant on February 6th and things went well, however it will not be until early March when we get our first glimpse into the success of the engraftment. Marilyn will remain in the hospital for about 8 weeks and stay in Manhattan for another 4 months of follow-up care.

(2/11/13) She will have her first post-transplant bone marrow biopsy on February 27th. Marilyn has been receiving excellent care and each day meets with doctors and medical staff who are closely monitoring her progress. Currently, with the help of many medications administered around the clock she is working to combat the side effects of the transplant process, most predominantly nausea and extreme fatigue. Thankfully there have been no issues with infections or viruses to date.

(2/22/13) Marilyn is continuing to heroically persevere and takes on the challenges of each day head on as she battles the side effects and symptoms of such an involved and intensive procedure. She is meeting and exceeding her medical team’s expectations. She has been infection free to date. She has been receiving frequent red blood cell and platelet transfusions. 

(3/25/13) Cord Blood transplants are known to take a long time to engraft.
 However, Marilyn's took an extra long time to but have engrafted and are making slow and steady progress. Her length of stay in the hospital is still undetermined at this time. For those that can meet the requirements and can get to NYC please see the “Ways you Can Help” Tab for how you can make dedicated blood and platelet donations to Marilyn and others like her that are receiving inpatient treatment now.

Latest Update (5/26/13) Marilyn has surpassed the 100 day post-transplant mark! She continues to make slow and steady progress and her doctors are pleased with what they are seeing. She still has a great many restrictions, and continues to have a long road ahead of her but she is courageously fighting each day and working towards recovery. All of your support, prayers, and well wishes are so appreciated. She is hoping to be able to be back home in New Jersey sometime this summer.

Due to isolation rules related to her recovery, Marilyn is not permitted to receive fresh flowers, plants, or food. Emails and cards however, are always welcome and help a great deal. You can send mail to Marilyn’s home address, or email Marilyn at

For any additional in questions please contact her daughter Sarah.

Marilyn's Story

A native of Medford, Oregon, Marilyn Joyce attended the University of Delaware where she received her degree in Special Education. After marrying the man who has been her sweetheart since the age of 17, Bill, she had a brief, but rewarding career as a teacher. Marilyn and her growing Hyncik family eventually settled in Skillman, NJ (Montgomery Township). There, she and Bill raised four children who all attended Montgomery Public Schools. Their youngest, Emily is a recent graduate of Emory University and has joined Adam (Lehigh), Christopher (Delaware) and her sister Sarah (Syracuse) as Hyncik graduates making their way in the world today.

Marilyn's family roots stretch across the country. Emily and Adam live in Manhattan, Christopher lives in Philadelphia and works in South Central New Jersey. Sarah and her husband, Brian, now live in Wisconsin with one of Marilyn's greatest fans--their 3 1/2 year old daughter Lilly (who calls Marilyn her Mimi). Marilyn's sister Sandy, brother Jack, and their families still live in Oregon, as do many of Marilyn's earliest and most enduring friends.

Marilyn's greatest passion has been raising her four children with Bill; and she loves to continue to spend time with them, those closest to them and her precious granddaughter. She and Bill have always taken an active role in their children's lives, whether it was in supporting their children as they played sports or as they were active in the Boys Scouts, the Girl Scouts or other local activities.

Anyone that has been to the Hyncik home and seen Marilyn's yard and deck knows that Marilyn's nurturing ways extend beyond people; her green thumb has tended to both an array of flowers and her vegetable garden.

In 2006, Marilyn was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and although the Hynciks are proud to be a part of their community, the family had been dealing with this news privately since then. Marilyn is as tenacious as she is loving and has bravely battled this disease for many years. However, even the fiercest warrior can benefit from allies. After 15 months of successful treatments, Marilyn will be receiving a double cord blood stem cell transplant. She will be the proud recipient of donated umbilical cord blood as the source of her transplant. This is the option she is lucky enough to have available because she has been unable to find a match in the Be the Match Registry.

Click on the links above to find out more about the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, about ways you can help, and more about Marilyn's courageous fight.

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